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The truth of Professional Dry Cleaners is there are no magic short cuts to quality!
One price cleaners, dry clean in a machine that use 1 gal. of cleaning fluid that sprays a mist of solvent over the clothes. While this process may be cost efficient it does not do a good job of removing stains and in recent studies it was determinded the possibility that cross-contamination may exist between other garments in the same load at the end of the dry clean cycle. Most cleaning cycles have 40-75 garments being cleaned at same time. High volume at a low price point is the only method that a one price cleaner can make a profit.

s At Norman's and many other full service Dry Cleaning Facility's that are certified by the International Dry Cleaning & Laundry Institute, still use equipment that submerge garments completely insuring proper stain removal. Also providing complete assurance that garments are bateria free!

"64" Years and 3 generations of the same family operating Norman's! We hold 12 degrees in mulitple aspects of dry cleaning & leather cleaning. We hold several certificates in spot removal from IFI the International Fabricare Institute and the current DLI Dry Cleaning & Laundry Associationdsddefld;l
Mokena, IL  
I had the great pleasure of purchasing a suit from Normans Formal Wear last week and wanted to share how professional and knowledgeable. Great quality and great price. Thanks Normans for all your help. Sincerely Gerry

Naperville, IL
I like them enough to drop off 15 dress shirts for dry cleaning at a time. Great price on top of great service. No complaints. I'm happy with the service so much that I drive the distance even though I've moved away.

Tinley Park, IL
Service here is great.  Always very friendly and completes my dry cleaning and tailor needs on time and correct every time

Key West, FL
After going to at least a half a dozen cleaners with my pleated skirt - nobody would do it; they all just said they had a "machine" press and it would come out flat. What?  That not being an option, I went to Norman's, and it's, like, "no problem."
Highly recommended.  A little out of my way, but going to use this cleaners from here on out.

Tinley Park, IL
I needed a suit dry cleaned last minute.  Got the suit back cleaned and pressed 3 hrs later.  Saved my butt!  Going forward I am going to bring my regular dry cleaning to this location.
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