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The truth of Professional Dry Cleaners is there are no magic short cuts to quality!
One price cleaners, dry clean in a machine that use 1 gal. of cleaning fluid that sprays a mist of solvent over the clothes. While this process may be cost efficient it does not do a good job of removing stains and in recent studies it was determinded the possibility that cross-contamination may exist between other garments in the same load at the end of the dry clean cycle. Most cleaning cycles have 40-75 garments being cleaned at same time. High volume at a low price point is the only method that a one price cleaner can make a profit.

s At Norman's and many other full service Dry Cleaning Facility's that are certified by the International Dry Cleaning & Laundry Institute, still use equipment that submerge garments completely insuring proper stain removal. Also providing complete assurance that garments are bateria free!

"64" Years and 3 generations of the same family operating Norman's! We hold 12 degrees in mulitple aspects of dry cleaning & leather cleaning. We hold several certificates in spot removal from IFI the International Fabricare Institute and the current DLI Dry Cleaning & Laundry Associationdsddefld;l
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Norman's Tuxedo Rental
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